Rockin’ Rick Bodoky

Rick was rockin with not only distinctive sound but a look to go with it. First cowboy hat and American flag styled electric guitar I’ve seen at the Jam Session and with this look he does accomplish getting noticed. Asked, “why the cowboy hat” he responded, “because, cowboy hats are cool”. Yes, I agree but not everyone can make the look work as well as he does.

Rockin Rick Bodoky Image

Rick has known Steve Nitros for about seven years and has jammed with him before at the American Legion. Has been playing guitar for over forty years, though harmonica was his first instrument, he also plays the bass, some percussion, and vocalizes. He is originally from Staten Island, NY but has been in the Milwaukee area most of his life. His band is called Rockin Rick and the Road Hawks, they play a blend of Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Blues, and Country Music.

Rockin Rick Bodoky is on the Web:

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